Elaine Kraus, MLS (Masters Degree in Library Science) began her organizing "career" in elementary school when she helped put flash cards and storage closets in order in her mother’s 1st grade classroom. These experiences started her on a path towards her Masters Degree in Library Science and work as a Children's Librarian. After a few years off managing a household in which all other members were disorganized, she took her organizing skills out into the world in order to help others to cope with disorganization and clutter. Elaine has been trained by the Virginia Cooperative Extension to be a “financial mentor.” She uses these and other organizing skills to support clients’ goals and needs, at times working in conjunction with other professionals. Her family members and clients have taught her patience, flexibility and empathy for her clients. She'd like to help you too.

Member of the following professional organizations:

http://www.napo.net/          http://www.napo.net/             Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)