• attention, time, paper, and information management
  • organizing tax materials for your tax accountant, attorney, or other service provider
  • home and office space organizing
  • clutter control
  • collection organizing: books, music, memorabilia, genealogy, photos and collectibles
  • moving & downsizing - see "Home Selling and Move-In Services"
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ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) adults

  • time and attention management skills to help the client be on time and complete projects
  • coaching for success at work, home and school:
    • problem solving and action plans
    • develop personalized goals and priorities
    • teach decision-making skills
    • workplace “survival” strategies
  • paper and electronic file management and maintenance
  • organizing and clutter control of your home and office
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Artists, Crafters, Hobbyists, & Wood Workers

Whole-Life Organizing has had personal experience working with art, craft and woodworking tools and materials.

  • assist with “start to finish” project planning & prioritizing
  • help design efficient assembly-line strategies
  • space organizing
  • tool and supply storage and organizing

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Family conflict over bedroom and play space organizing can be damaging to relationships. Sometimes it is helpful to have a non-family member help children organize their spaces.

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"Collaborative Therapy"

Whole-Life Organizing can work with you and your therapist or other professionals on common goals.

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Green Organizing

  • use environmentally conscious ways of recycling, reusing and re-purposing items you already own for organizing projects
  • consult on non-toxic organizing products
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Hoarders and Pack Rats

  • assist in finding lost and important items
  • categorizing and organizing
  • improve safety in the home
  • help client develop decision-making strategies
  • consultations with family members of hoarders available to develop strategies for working with your loved one
  • collaborate with the client’s therapist, family members and other support services to meet de-cluttering goals and create and maintain a safe environment
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Home Organization & Arrangement

Whole-Life Organizing provides practical advice for creating user-friendly spaces in your home that will help prevent costly mistakes and improve efficiency.

  • remodeling and additions
    • providing alternatives to major remodeling projects, or:
    • holistic approach considering present and future space utilization
  • new baby - transitioning and baby proofing your home
  • storage issues - attics, basements, closets, garages
  • transformation of problem areas into functional, enjoyable, and flowing spaces - kitchens, entryways, entertainment rooms, offices, play rooms, etc
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Home Selling Preparations

Save money by creating a plan.

  • create an action plan to de-clutter, organize, and stage your home for sale
  • staging - using what you already own to stage your home for sale
  • curb appeal - plans to make your home appealing to potential buyer from the street
  • downsizing - informative and compassionate assistance with complex decisions:
    • determining what to keep and how it will fit into the new space
    • options for donating, consigning, selling and storing the remaining items
  • advice on paper to keep, shred, or toss
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Major Life Transitions

  • combining households
  • new baby
  • career changes
  • moving and down-sizing
  • divorce
  • "sandwich generation" (care taking for more than one generation)
  • death of a loved one
  • estate organizing: 
    • When you are experiencing the grief involved with a loved one's passing, you may be emotionally or physically unable to deal with your loved one's possessions. When you feel you are ready, Whole-Life Organizing can help you make decisions, plan the storage, distribution, or donation of these items.
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Overwhelmed Parents & "The Sandwich Generation"

  • creating schedules, routines, and improving family communication systems
  • efficient space organizing in home and vehicles
  • home de-cluttering, organizing, donating, yard sale staging, etc.
  • file organizing (paper & electronic)
  • (see also "Major Life Transitions" and "Seniors")
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Photos, Memorabilia, & "Inherited Stuff"

  • advice on care and preservation
  • assist with decision making
  • developing creative and practical solutions
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Self-Employed / Small Business Owners

  • organize office and storage spaces and materials to increase efficiency and productivity
  • paper and electronic file organizing
  • records management and retention schedule planning
  • time and attention management, planning, problem-solving and goal setting
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  • down-sizing assistance (see also "Home Selling and Move-In Services" above)
  • planning your move
  • space organization for safety and small space efficiency
  • paper and electronic file organizing
  • tax paper organizing
  • medical paper organizing
  • (see also "Major Life Transitions" above)
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There's nothing worse than doing unpleasant projects by yourself. If you can't enlist the help of a "non-toxic" friend or relative, Whole-Life Organizing will provide non-judgmental assistance with problem-solving and hands-on help with your organizing projects.

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Storage Unit Clean-Outs

Whole-Life Organizing can help make decisions and plans for emptying your storage unit(s) to save money on monthly rental fees.

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Students (College and Post-Grad.)

  • time and attention management, planning, and goal setting
  • organizing work space and materials
  • coaching for effective study skills
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Teachers and College Professors

  • paper and electronic file organizing
  • time and attention management to help maintain a balanced life
  • office and classroom space organization
  • organize professional libraries and other materials
  • classroom supply organizing
  • displays & bulletin boards
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Tax Season

  • organize tax materials for your accountant
  • create simplified system for collecting future tax materials
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  • paper and electronic file organizing
  • library & research material organizing and storage
  • organizing and identifying productive work spaces
  • coaching and "time and attention management" to help complete projects
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