"I have found Elaine Kraus to be such a huge help to the people I refer to her! They find her to be professional, accommodating, pleasant, and very effective at what she does! She has also been responsive and flexible...which is greatly appreciated.

~ J.Kim Penberthy, PhD, ABPP,

Chester F. Carlson Professor of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine


"I first met Elaine Kraus many years ago when she came to my house to organize my attic and closets. She not only helped organize, but she also helped with tax-deductible donations that practically paid for her services. Little did I know at the time that she would become a resource to my mental health private practice group. Over the years, Dr. Lewis Weber and Associates have referred a number of patients to Ms. Kraus. She knows how to work with hoarders. This is a very unique talent. She understands the psychology and the need for patience. I think for any therapist working with a hoarder, it's very sensible to have Elaine be a part of the treatment team. She is also very good at working with people with ADD. I have a couple of patients who have worked with Elaine for years and rave about her. We are very lucky to have her in our community.

~ Lew Weber, PhD. MSW, CGP, LCSW


“Elaine Kraus is not only an experienced and knowledgeable professional organizer, she is also a warm and down to earth individual who is sensitive to the needs of her clients.  I have found her to be extremely helpful with people who have extreme difficulty letting go of items that they no longer need, or who are unable to use their living space in a safe and acceptable manner because their disorganization overwhelms them.  Elaine understands that sometimes mental health and emotional issues, (depression, extreme anxiety, attention deficit and focus problems), may make it difficult for some folks to climb out of the hole of chronic disorganization or hoarding.  This sensitivity allows her to work in an accepting and non-judgmental manner, and to allow her clients to set their own pace for change.”

~ Marcella Jost, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. (retired)

"The clients I have referred to Elaine have all been satisfied. Not only is she accepting and warm, she is highly effective in getting results. What a great resource for my clinical psychology practice."

~ John T. Schroll, Ph.D.(retired)



"Finding Elaine Kraus and working with her over these past few years has been a great good fortune to me. In both my home and work life, her efforts devoted to making my "mess of a life" more manageable have been an essential part of my ability to manage the number of things I do successfully. Not only can I find my teaching files, I can find my bedroom slippers! Best of all, no matter how hard I work to undo the order she conjures out of my chaos, when next she visits to repair the damage, she is invariably cheerful and accepting. There is never any judgment. She is amazing!"

~ Jeanne Liedtka, Ph.D.

University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business


“I have been working regularly with Elaine Kraus for over 15 years.  My initial motivation was that my father died and I helped deal with his accumulated possessions and papers at his medical office and home.  It was like an archaeological dig!  I had some of his tendencies to hold on to way too much and to pile things up here and there.  I vowed that I'd get organized while I still could.  With her library skills we began with my hundreds of books.  From there we moved onto my filing systems.  Then my desk, office floor and an occasional closet.   She's even helped me organize my shop and garage...and my car.  We've gotten to the point where approximately every four weeks she comes by for three hours. 

Could I do this myself?  Perhaps and probably.  But WAS I doing it?  Rarely, and when I did I'd often get sidetracked.  I learned as an adult that I have ADHD.  Elaine has a very good working understanding of this and has been very helpful to me in getting and staying organized at home. 

I unreservedly recommend Elaine to anyone wanting to live a more orderly life.”

~ Jim Krag, M.D.

"Elaine is wonderful to work with and has been a huge help to me. I trust her wholeheartedly too. Recently, she helped me prepare for an antique/yard sale. Her experience in this area and her organizational skills were essential to my success. She worked with me to sort, price and pack everything so that it was lined-up and ready to go out the door the next morning, and she advised me regarding the best layout and strategy for the actual sale day. She is incredibly easy to work with, non-judgmental, mission-focused, honest and straight forward, but kind.  To top it all off, she is enjoyable to work with!"

~ Leslie Andrus


“I am beyond glad that I picked up the phone to call Elaine. Not only is she an outstanding “organizer,” she has the knowledge to determine the multifaceted causes of my difficulty. Her tremendous skill in coaching is helping me to create real change. Best of all, working with Elaine is like working with Mary Poppins!”

~ Rae S.

“… you have a firsthand understanding … and empathy … and love for those of us who need your assistance.  You are also creative, which puts you in a superior position to understand us rather than the garden variety organizational expert …” 

~ Kendall Y.

“Thanks for your helping hand in these weeks. You have been a truly magical help in getting me and all the house ‘stuff’ organized in and out. You provide a super-professional assistance!! And you are fun to work with too.”

~ Betsy M.